Georges St. Pierre fires back at Matt Hughes

Current UFC welterweight champion, Georges “Rush” St. Pierre, has blasted back at former champion, Matt Hughes, after he described the Canadian’s performance against Jon Fitch as boring at UFC 87.

Speaking on The Fan 590, a Toronto sports radio station, when asked about the comments his former rival had made, St. Pierre mocked: “Yes, it was a very boring fight.” (laughing) “I don’t know what to say to that.”

When asked his opinion of an upcoming fight between former champion Matt Serra and Hughes, St. Pierre said: “If Matt Hughes says the same, like in his last couple of fights, he’s gonna lose, because he look’s like he didn’t do the sacrifice to be ready for the fight and mentally he didn’t look like he had the drive anymore. But if he comes very well prepared, it’s gonna be very interesting.”

This of course follows reports that Hughes left the Target Center in Minneapolis during St. Pierre’s recent fight. Many have speculated that it was St.  Pierre’s pre fight comments about Fitch being his toughest test to date that angered Hughes originally.

By Michael Pepper.