EXCLUSIVE: Bisping looks to bring in “Rampage” as his secret weapon

UFC middleweight contender, Michael “The Count” Bisping has revealed in an EXCLUSIVE interview with MMABay that he is looking to bring in fellow Wolfslair MMA Academy team mate, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson to help him prepare for his UFC 110 showdown with Wanderlei Silva.

Speaking from his home in the UK, Bisping said when asked about his preparations:

“I’m planning on training at the Wolfslair, training at home. I’m going to sit down with Anthony (McGann) tomorrow and have a good chat about the training camp, get it all planned in advance and decide who we’re going to bring over. Ricco Rodriguez comes into the country next week which is a bonus. I’m going to keep training from now pretty much, obviously not like a fight camp but I want to stay in shape. I don’t want to put on a lot of weight. I‘m gonna keep training from now and keep improving right up until the Wanderlei fight.”

“Yeah it’s definitely a plus. Zach Lyte and Mario (Sukata) have both been involved and they both know Wanderlei very well. Fingers crossed we’re going to get “Rampage” out for the training camp as well. Obviously that’s not confirmed yet but we’re going to work on that and hopefully we can get “Rampage” over for the camp. Obviously after fighting him three times no one’s going to know him better than “Rampage” so I should have a definite insight into Wanderlei.”

“Rampage” Jackson could potentially be invaluable to the Brit in the build up to the fight after facing “The Axe Murderer” on three separate occasions. After losing twice in PRIDE, the Wolfslair took the Memphis native under their wing after of the UFC 92 clash between the two, with Jackson emerging victorious with a first round knockout.

Stay tuned to MMABay to see if “Rampage” answers the call of his Wolfslair team mate.

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