EXCLUSIVE: Randy Couture reveals why he dropped to 205 pounds

In an EXCLUSIVE interview with MMABay that can be heard in its entirety tomorrow, five time UFC champion, Randy “The Natural” Couture has revealed his reasons for dropping down to light heavyweight for the second time in his career and admitted that a fight with Anderson Silva would be “interesting”.

 Speaking last week via the telephone from his base in Las Vegas, Nevada, Randy said:

“It was more about opportunity. I think I’ve competed with those bigger guys and been doing just fine. Obviously it will be nice to be back with guys my own size and not have to deal with the disparaging weight difference and size difference. It eliminates some of those strategic situations you don’t want to get in with guys that big. The opportunity arose to compete back at 205 pounds, there’s some interesting fights there. The heavyweight division is getting deeper, there’s Velasquez, Carwin and Lesnar and a lot of other guys that aren’t just big heavyweights, they’re very good fighters and good athletes so all around it makes sense for me to be at 205 right now.”

“I think it’s a god time to be in the mix (at 205 pounds), there’s some very interesting guys. “Shogun” just did a great job with Machida, Machida’s at the top of the heap right now, Anderson’s been dallying around in the 205 pound class and just fought Forrest, so there’s some very interesting fights at 205 pounds.”

“I think Anderson would be a great fight, I’ve been impressed watching him and his style. He’s so accurate and smooth on his feet. Style wise I think it was a tough match-up for Forrest. Forrest is a brawler and a very aggressive fighter and that played into the countering style of Anderson. We kinda hoped Forrest would be able to catch him and get him out of synch but it didn’t really work for Forrest.”

There are certainly more interesting fights for the evergreen Couture at 205 pounds, especially when you consider the sheer weight that some of the top heavyweights are carrying around these days. Could we see a fight between “The Natural” and “The Spider” at some point in 2010? It’s a very real possibility but he will have to get past Vera first at UFC 105.

Check in tomorrow for the Randy Couture audio interview in full.

By Michael Pepper. (Follow me on Twitter)


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