Filho thinks the UFC is conspiring against his fellow Brazilian fighters

Former WEC middleweight champion, Paulo Filho believes the UFC is conspiring against his fellow countrymen, pitting Brazilian against Brazilian in an attempt to aid its American fighters.

Speaking to Tatame Magazine, Filho said:

“The UFC is a great event, but the Americans do everything so that you cannot get the advantage. They [do] everything to get you down. American is American, they want to see Americans with the belt and so eliminate as many Brazilians as possible - but they will have to work a lot, because we are the best.”

“It is an uphill struggle for Shogun. Machida is very strategic, the Shogun is real, very brave. Both have star quality, but I would venture to say Lyoto [will win] by strategy. But a fight is fight and we will only know when it is over. It will be a fight all the way.”

Another fight Filho pointed to was the proposed UFC 108 main event clash between middleweight champion, Anderson Silva and Vitor Belfort. Conspiracy or opportunity? You decide.

By Michael Pepper. (Follow me on Twitter)



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