Crazy “Kimbo Slice” brings a gun to training after being arm-barred

The legend of “Kimbo Slice” grows today with the crazy story that the former street fighter brought a gun back to training with him after his arm was hurt during a previous session.

Fellow “Ultimate Fighter” season ten contestant, Justin Wren told TapouT Radio:

“He definitely talked about some crazy stuff. I heard a story where he went down to ATT to train and he got arm-barred. Kimbo doesn’t like to tap so he didn’t tap and the guy hurt his arm so he came back in there with a gun!” Wren recounted. “Cops were called and everyone went nuts, so yeah we didn’t want to necessarily mess with Kimbo’s beard but there was definitely talk about it.”

“He felt the guy was really trying to hurt him so he said if someone is going to really try and hurt me, in my career, that is how my make money for my family, so then he said he went and got a gun and was starting to come back in there and they stopped him at the door… that was straight out of his mouth.”

With “Slice” set to compete inside a UFC octagon for the very first time next week fans can expect the hype machine to be working overtime in preparation of the monumental moment.

By Michael Pepper. (Follow me on Twitter)


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