EXCLUSIVE: Ortiz: Hopefully Chuck can dance better than he can fight

In an EXCLUSIVE interview conducted by MMABay “The Huntington Beach Bad Boy” Tito Ortiz has launched a scathing attack on long time rival, Chuck Liddell, saying “The Iceman’s” career is over and that he hopes he can dance better than he fights.

When asked about the recent comments Liddell made about Ortiz needing a win or two under his belt to make him relevant enough to face again inside the octagon, Ortiz said:

“That’s kinda funny. I think he needs to get a couple of wins under his belt also. I think he’s been knocked out four of his last five fights. I’ve never been knocked out unconscious in any of my fights in my whole career in the last thirteen years so for him to say those words is like calling the kettle black. It is what it is, Chuck Liddell’s career’s done, he going to “Dancing With The Stars” and hopefully he can dance better than he can fight.”

When asked whether that is a fight we would like to see happen in the future and if we’d see a different result this time around, Ortiz said:

“Love to do it, love to do it. Anytime would be awesome. I’m a totally different fighter. People have to understand I had back problems when me and Chuck Liddell fought the two times and now that my back don’t hurt and I have no problems at all it would be a totally different fight, different aggressiveness and just a different fight all around.”

Ortiz will return to the octagon after over a year away at UFC 106 on November 21st in Las Vegas, Nevada when he squares off with former UFC heavyweight champion, Mark “The Hammer” Coleman.

By Michael Pepper.


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