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Shane Carwin Interview


Hi Shane,

Thank you for taking the time to sit down with MMABay and answer a few of our questions:

MMABay - It’s recently been revealed that you have agreed to face Brock Lesnar for the UFC heavyweight title in November. How hard has it been to shift your attention from Velasquez to Lesnar?

Carwin - Not to hard we have been preparing for a fast wrestler who is big and powerful so the adjustments are not major.  Cain will be a tough fight for anyone he is a world class athlete and Brock is the Champ so really no matter which fighter we prepare for we better bring our A game.

MMABay - How quickly did the switch happen and what’s your take on why the UFC decided to do this?

Carwin - The change of opponents was a sudden thing.  One evening I was preparing for Cain and late that night I got the cal from my manager about Zuffa’s plans.  We discussed it, I called my trainer and we discussed it and I think within an hour we took the fight.

MMABay - I know you must be excited at having the chance to fight in such a high profile fight but are you in anyway disappointed you will not face Cain Velasquez and would you like to face him down the line?

Carwin - If you plan on being on the top, you better plan on facing Cain Velasquez.  I am certain we will face eachother.  Guys like Cain, Gonzaga, Schaub and Dos Santos are the future of the Heavyweight division and each one could challenge for the belt.

MMABay - Are you surprised that the UFC have thrust you into a title fight after just three wins inside the octagon?

Carwin - Actually I am not.  My manager said when we hooked up that this business is as much about marketing as it is being a great fighter.  If the fans want to see you Zuffa will give the fans what they wanted.  He said having a fighter like me was like having high-powered engine stuffed into VW Bug.  While at first I had no idea what he meant but in a very short period of time he has shown me how to connect with the fans and our media attention has gone through the roof.  It is not enough to be a great fighter you have to be the best marketed fighter and the best trained fighter to make it to the top and stay there.

MMABay - Have you had chance to formulate a game plan for the fight and will you be looking to do what no man has so far managed, to put Lesnar on his back?

Carwin - We do have a game plan for Brock.  My trainers are absolute wizards at breaking opponents down.  I remember clearing my head at UFC 96 and finding Gonzaga right on top of me.  That is a very very scary position to be in.  In an instant I worked the drill that we had done throughout the camp to get back to my feet and boom there I was.  That is what they do and I know even when in the deepest of waters they have a plan and if I trust my coaches I will be just fine.

MMABay - What do you feel your keys for victories are?

Carwin - Imposing my will.

MMABay - You could very well face either Randy Couture or Antonio Nogueira down the line as your one of the top talents in the division. How would you feel to face a lengend of the sport like one of those guys?

Carwin - I was told that the winner of the Brock fight will likely face the winner of the Cain and Rothwell fight at UFC 104.  I really do not think about that type of thing.  Even when I have an opponent things change so I really don’t plan ahead that far.  Randy and Nog are two legends and while they have both been around the block I think both can be very dangerous.  Experience is something that cannot be taught.

MMABay - What do you think to the rumours that Anderson Silva wants to move up to heavyweight? Do you think someone like yourself would be just too big for “The Spider” and your size would over whelm him?

Carwin - Anderson “size matters”.  I think if he fought the lighter HW fighters he might be able to avoid the big power shots but if he steps in with a guy the size of Brock…..  I just do not see it.  He is a very talented fighter and it would be great to see him dominate in two weight classes.

MMABay - How do you feel about recent comments that Strikeforce offers better heavyweight challenges for Fedor?

Carwin -  LOL who made that comment?  Strikeforce offers Fedor protection just like the other promotions that he has fought for.  Fedor could have went down as the wealthiest and best fighter in the history of MMA if he had continued to test his legacy.  Instead he has fought in freak show events or ex “UFC” title holders that would not be fighting on the preliminaries in the current UFC.   The best heavyweight in the world is Brock Lesnar.  He just beat Frank Mir to prove it.  Fedor is going to become irrelevant at Strikeforce.

MMABay - Are there any sponsors you’d like to thank?

Carwin - I want to thank Rodney and Kim from Max Muscle in Greeley.  They have been so good to me throughout my career and they are always on point with nutrition. Warrior Wear for supporting me when I train and fight I love your gear and what you guys represent as a company. who keeps my body fueled with amazing foods. simply the best damn idea I have ever heard, thanks for helping me make it., Xyience, Max Muscle, and Magnetic Marketing Associates (M.M.A.) for their commitment to us athletes.

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