Phillipe Nover

Phillipe Nover Interview

Hi Phillipe,

Thank you for taking the time to sit down with MMABay and answer a few of our questions:

MMABay - Firstly, you have a big fight coming up in just a few weeks, how’s the preparation going, and how are you feeling in the run up to the fight?

Nover - I feel fantastic. I was notified only 4 weeks out but I'm always in shape and have been training. It is just a matter of tailoring my training for Sam's style. My overall preparation has been almost perfect. Weight is good, no major injuries, lots of team support, and I'm totally focused!

MMABay - Your opponent, Sam Stout, has a reputation as a particularly exciting fighter, having won the coveted ‘Fight of the Night’ award three times; are you going out their with a "Fight of the Night" award in mind, or is it a case of simply winning at any cost?

Nover - All I'm focused on is winning this fight by any means. If it happens to get fight of the night awards. Great. But I'm here to fight and win weather it be a spectacular or not.

MMABay - Lets talk about your last fight; you’re coming of a very controversial TKO loss to Kyle Bradley, that saw Yves Lavigne step in for what many thought was a terrible stoppage. Give us your thoughts on the outcome of that fight.

Nover - I believe that Kyle Bradley won that exchange but definitely did not win the fight. It was a premature stoppage and was very upsetting to me. I have a pretty good chin. I get hit harder in training. I was totally fine and could have continued. I was actually looking forward to a rematch.

MMABay - California has recently passed legislation approving the use of instant replay at the end of fights. What’s your take on the situation; do you think it’s going to benefit the sport in the long run?

Nover - They should call this the "Nover rule." I believe this is great for the support. It is part of the sports evaluation. The NFL uses it. The UFC can too.

MMABay - With the UFC recently cutting some high profile fighters like Thales Leites and Tamden McCrory, coming off two losses yourself, is this something that is on your mind going into your September 16th fight?

Nover - I've always felt a feeling of skating on thin ice with the UFC especially after having two consecutive loses. It makes me train harder when I think of this. This just means I have to perform well and win on Sept 16th.

MMABay - You became known to UFC fans during your time on the Ultimate Fighter reality show. What was it like to be involved in something that has had such a big impact on the modern era of the UFC?

Nover - It was a dream come true getting on the show. It changed my life totally. I just hope I can continue to fight and do my best.

MMABay - Is there a downside to it all, a stigma that comes with being an ‘Ultimate Fighter’?

Nover - I believe there are always pros and cons for any sitution. Being ont he Ultimate Fighter was a great way to show not only that I can fight but it gave a chance to see what kind of person I really am. A stigma from the show I sometimes get is getting invloed with all those pranks.

MMABay - The card you’re next fighting on, UFC Fight Night, is a lead-in to the newest season of the Ultimate Fighter. Season 10 has the potential to be one of the hottest yet, featuring the likes of Rashad Evans, Rampage and of course, Kimbo Slice. What are your thoughts on the season, and where to you see the show heading in the future?

Nover - My thoughts on this season are high. I am really hoping for some talented heavy weights to pop up. Maybe someone to face Brock in a future. There are some really big heavyweights on the show. I wonder what the kitchen looked like on the show? Feeding sixteen 265 pounders! That must be nuts.

MMABay - You’re clearly proud of your heritage; there has been talk in recent years of the UFC going to the Philippines to put on a show. If that were to come into fruition, it would make sense for the likes of yourself, Brandon Vera and Mark Munoz to be on that card. What would it mean to you to have that opportunity?

Nover - That would be possibly one of the most amazing things ever to happen in my life. To fight in the Philippines is yet another dream come true. I'm looking forward to that day when ever it does occur. Joe Silva promised me if they had a UFC in the Philippines he would get me on that card. I'm hoping it happens.

MMABay - You seem to take a very educated approach to martial arts, emphasizing the importance of the historical elements of your training. Do you think that in order to become a true modern warrior, it’s essential to study the history of the arts, rather then just learning how to fight?

Nover - You must learn how to contain and control the fire before you start it. If you don't, you'll wind up burning yourself and everything around you. My approach to training and fighting Mixed Martial Arts is that of an artist. Breaking down each element weather it be the history of the art your learning, the physics or balance of the moves your learning, or the science to cutting weight. All the elements combined form you. You're not just learning how to fight. You're actually learning how to live as a martial artist and professional fighter.

MMABay - Finally, having reached the UFC at such a young age, what else do you want to accomplish with your career and your life?

Nover - I would really like to become a Nurse Practitioner or possibly a Nurse Anesthetists in the future.

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