EXCLUSIVE: Denis Kang: “I’m gonna come out and throw bombs”


On the comments he made earlier this week in another interview, Kang explained:

“’Beat his ass’ of course, because I’m coming in with the winning mentality, I always come in like that. I’m not going to come in and say ‘I’m going to get my ass beat’, you know what I mean and ‘sack of flesh and bones’ that just means I’m not making the fight personal, he’s just some clone, some human, nameless-faceless human across the octagon from me.”

When asked what the fans who plan to attend can expect on the night, Kang said:

“I’m gonna come out and throw bombs like I always do. Everybody knows I’ve got a pretty explosive style you know, when I go for something, a move, a punch, a takedown or whatever its usually pretty dynamic. Michael Bisping also has a good aggressive stand-up style and he’s decent on the ground as well so I think it’s gonna be in the words of Bisping, its going to be a night to remember.”

And on the possibility of coaching a Korean or Canadian team on a future season of “The Ultimate Fighter”, Kang said:

“Oh, I would love to be a coach on “The Ultimate Fighter” show. Man, I would be so happy to do it. I do teach and I have taught for a while and I love it, its another one of my passions aside from training and competing. I consider myself a fairly competent coach and if I was given this opportunity I would jump at it, for sure. Can you get me in (laughs)? I would love to man, it would really, really be good. I would put my heart into it if I was given the chance.”

By Michael Pepper.

(An exclusive interview for MMABay.co.uk)


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