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UFC 150 – Frankie Edgar robbed by the judges as Benson Henderson retains his title in Denver, Colorado

August 11, 2012 All MMA News, UFC

Once again former UFC lightweight champion, Frankie Edgar was in our opinion robbed by the judges following a hard-fought 25 minutes of action against Benson Henderson, this time at UFC 150 in Denver, Colorado, losing the fight via split decision on the night.

Henderson with a couple of low kicks to begin the fight. Nice right hand from Edgar lands. Big leg kick from Henderson knocks Edgar off balance. Another big leg kick from Henderson lands. Edgar with a counter right hand. Henderson with a leg kick but Edgar drops on it looking for the takedown. He can’t complete it. Leg kick from Edgar. Nice knee to the body from Henderson, countered by a right hand from Edgar. Edgar with another low kick. Big leg kick from Henderson but Edgar uses it to take the fight to the ground. Henderson locks up a guillotine in the final 20 seconds but can’t complete it. MMABay scores the round 10-9 Henderson.

Big leg kicks from Henderson knock Edgar off his feet early in the second. Edgar trying to use his boxing to get into the fight. Edgar catches a kick before firing a high one of his own. Axe-kick attempt by Henderson comes up short. Leg kick from Henderson is almost caught by Edgar. Nice combination from Edgar drops Henderson to the canvas. Edgar pounces and secures the front head lock position. Henderson pops out of a choke attempt. Henderson gets to his feet but eats a knee to the head. Henderson touches down to prevent another. Edgar drags Henderson back to the ground. Henderson gets back to his feet and frees himself. Henderson fires a one-two with meaning before shooting in. Edgar stuffs it and takes control once again. Edgar tags Henderson on the exit. Big kick to end the round from Henderson. MMABay scores the round 10-9 Edgar.

The two men exchange nice punches before Henderson lands a kick. Another kick from Henderson but this time Edgar catches it and counters with an uppercut. Nice exchange by both men. Body kick from Edgar scores. Leg kick from Edgar lands. A combination of leg kicks this time from Edgar. Edgar catches a kick and fires right back. Big body punch from Edgar lands. Powerful kick from Henderson lands. Body kick from Edgar lands. Clubbing right hook from Henderson before exchanging kicks to end the round. MMABay scores the round 10-9 Edgar.

Big exchange from both men to begin the championship rounds. Henderson with a hard leg kick. Edgar throws the one-two before going down stairs with a leg kick. Edgar with a takedown but eats a kick to the head as he postures. Edgar takes control of the neck as Henderson looks to stand. Edgar lands a knee to the body before backing away. Nice right to the body off the counter by Edgar. Solid jab from Henderson lands, backing Edgar up. Big left sneaks through from Henderson. Edgar answers with a right, followed by a leg kick. Leaping right from Edgar scores. Edgar catches a kick before getting out of dodge. Edgar is countering perfectly and frustrating Henderson. MMABay scores the round 10-9 Edgar.

Right hand from Edgar scores early in the fifth. What a close fight. Edgar knocks Henderson off balance and to the canvas. Henderson regains his feet but Edgar is looking to run away with this one late. Edgar catches a kick and fires right back with one of his own. Henderson is second guessing his attacks, not wanting to get countered. Nice counter right by Edgar over the top. The two tie up in the clinch before Edgar fires on the exit. Beautiful leg kick combination from Edgar drops Henderson to a knee. Good kick from Henderson but it’s caught, taking some of the sting out of it. Edgar goes back to the body. Left hand from Henderson gets through. Edgar with a nice combination. Masterful performance. Edgar slips looking for a kick and eats a kick to the face. Great fight. MMABay scores the round 10-9 Edgar.

The judges scored the bout 49-46, 47-48, 47-48 in favour of Henderson.

By Michael Pepper. (Follow me on Twitter)

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