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EXCLUSIVE MMABay interview with Che Mills ahead of his UFC 145 co-main event showdown with Rory MacDonald

Check out this EXCLUSIVE interview conducted by MMABay earlier this week with UFC welterweight star on the rise, Che Mills ahead of his UFC 145 co-main event showdown with Rory MacDonald later this month in Atlanta, Georgia. We ask the UK veteran about his impressive octagon debut late last year, how he’s feeling heading into the biggest fight of his career and his hopes for the future. Check out what he had to say on the other side…

Hi Che,

Thank you for taking the time to sit down with and answer a few of our questions.

Mills – No problem, it’s a pleasure.

MMABay – You were last seen in action on the UFC 138 card in November, where you picked up a first minute TKO win over Chris Cope. What were you able to take from this quick fight if anything and do you think this was the perfect was to rid yourself of octagon jitters?

Mills – Yes I think it certainly helped settle me in to the UFC. The whole UFC experience was amazing. In the lead up to the fight it was really nerve racking, but when I arrived at the hotel everything just went perfectly. I felt really calm and relaxed even when I was in the octagon everything was clear and I was able to execute the game-plan perfectly.

MMABay – You also picked up the rather handy $70,000 for “Knockout of the Night”. Is it safe to assume your life has already begun to change for the better since joining the UFC ranks and if so how?

Mills – Yes definitely because I no longer struggle with money despite being sensible. It certainly helps keeps food on the table. I was able to do an intensive driving course which I passed, so bought myself a car which certainly makes getting to training far easier. Also the recognition has been quite overwhelming, so thanks to everyone for their support

MMABay – Your next fight comes on the UFC 145 card on April 21st in Atlanta, Georgia where you’ll take on exciting Canadian all-rounder, Rory MacDonald in the co-main event of the evening. Before we get to the fight itself can you explain to us what you’re feeling going into perhaps the highest profile fight of your career as well as your U.S. debut?

Mills – Excitement really! That’s about it…

MMABay – MacDonald has looked ultra-impressive of late and is talked about as the future of the welterweight division. What are your thoughts on your opponent in terms of his skill set as you look to put together back-to-back wins inside the octagon?

Mills – Yes, he’s obviously a talent at his young age that everyone keeps talking about. It’s a tough fight for me basically, but you know it gives me a lot of exposure to showcase what I can do. He’s very well rounded without any weakness… not any that I’m gonna tell you about anyway lol.

MMABay – There have been a few comments from MacDonald in the build-up to the fight where he said he had to look you up when you were offered to him as an opponent as he didn’t know who you were. What did you think when you heard those comments and do you think he genuinely didn’t know who you were as opposed to getting a rise out of you?

Mills – When I first heard I couldn’t care less to be honest. Obviously, I don’t know whether it’s a front or if he didn’t know me. All I care about is doing my job 21st April

MMABay – MacDonald is known as somewhat of an all-rounder with six wins via submission and five via TKO or knockout. After studying his tapes, and knowing your own skill set, where do you see your biggest advantage over your opponent, on the feet or on the ground?

Mills – Anywhere… it doesn’t matter where the fight takes place.

MMABay – With this being a co-main event fight in a stateside event, where do you feel a win over MacDonald would put you in terms of title contention should you get it?

Mills – Haha… that’s not really for me to say that’s up to Joe Silva, I just hope it puts me in the mix.

MMABay – In terms of the future is there someone either in or in the vicinity of your weight class that you’d like to face either because they have rubbed you the wrong way for some reason or simply you think it would be an exciting fight for the fans to see?

Mills – No not really, anyone.

MMABay – Just in case some of our readers haven’t seen you fight before can you sum up in a few words what they can expect to see out of you come April 21st inside the octagon?

Mills – All out excitement from the opening bell. I like to finish fights, I don’t take a backward step… I have been in quick fights and fights that have gone the distance either way I always make it exciting, that just how I fight.

MMABay – Before we go are there any sponsors, trainers or training partners you’d like to mention?

Mills – Yes, I’d like to thank Dan Richards (@danrichmma) and the fight team at Trojan Free Fighters, my coaches Paul Sutherland – Head Coach (@paulsuthmma), Craig Rutherford – S & C (@drive_mma), Chico Mendes – BJJ (@chicobjj), Saeed Esmaeli – Wrestling, Jon Pitman – Boxing (@jonpitman1). Also my sponsors… Sci-MX Nutrition, Jaco Clothing, Venum Fightwear, Training Mask, Revgear, Addison Saws, The MMA Show Live, Lexani and PunchTown.

MMABay – Thanks for taking the time to speak to

Mills – Thanks for asking me to be on, thanks for all the support from the fans it’s been great. If you are on twitter I’m @chemillsmma and Trojan Free Fighters is @teamtrojan.

(An exclusive interview for

By Michael Pepper. (Follow me on Twitter)

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