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UFC 143: Diaz vs. Condit results, updates and live play-by-play TONIGHT on MMABay!!!

February 4, 2012 All MMA News, Exclusives, UFC

MMABay will be coming to you LIVE from Las Vegas, Nevada tonight, the scene of UFC 143, in order to bring you all the action from the Mandalay Bay Events Center where UFC welterweights, Nick Diaz and Carlos Condit will contest the interim title in the main event of the evening.

Tune in and check out our round-by-round updates and official results starting at approximately 7.00pm ET (4.00pm PT/12.00 midnight UK).

We’ll be covering the entire card, top-to-bottom, from the co-main event clash between heavyweights, Fabricio Werdum and Roy Nelson to the preliminary card battle between Dan Stittgen and Stephan Thompson. We’ll have it all. To discuss the action please use the comments section or tune in to the chat room.

UFC 143 play-by-play live main card commentary:

Nick Diaz vs. Carlos Condit (170-pound division limit)

Round one: Condit with a low kick early as he circles away. Another low kick by Condit, and another. Condit continues to chop away at the legs of the former Strikeforce champion. Diaz gets off with a combination up against the fence but Condit soon creates distance. Diaz throws a head kick which is blocked. More leg kicks from Condit land. Diaz begins to start talking to his opponent. Spinning back-elbow from Condit misses and Diaz uses it to clinch and press Condit up against the fence. The two exchange. Diaz starts dropping his hands and taunting Condit to end the round. MMABay scores the round 10-9 Condit.

Round two: High kick from Condit is avoided by Diaz. Condit misses with the flying knee and the spinning back-fist. Diaz tags him with a solid right hand. Spinning back-fist lands from Condit, soon followed by a leg kick. Diaz slaps Condit while talking trash. Condit responds with a leg kick. Nice combination up against the fence by Diaz. Condit lands a couple of hard kicks to the body. Diaz lights Condit up against the fence but the former WEC champion answers with a knee and escapes to the center of the octagon. Condit wades in a little more as the round draws to a close. MMABay scores the round 10-9 Diaz.

Round three: Condit misses with a head kick. Nice low kick from Condit soon followed by a punch to the body. Diaz is constantly walking Condit down, making him work and constantly adjust. Condit lands a bunch of shots before getting out of dodge. Diaz fires in a couple of hard body kicks but he’s finding it hard to catch Condit due to his movement and footwork. Leg kick lands from Condit. Diaz starts talking to him again before Condit lights him up. Another big leg kick from Condit. Diaz answers with a big left hand of his own. Flying knee from Condit. Diaz walks Condit down yet again for much of the end of the round. Condit slips to end the round but Diaz just kicks at his legs. MMABay scores the round 10-9 Condit.

Round four: Low kick from Condit lands. Diaz can’t corner Condit who moves well off the fence. Nice left hand lands from Condit over the top. Front kick to the face by Condit. Diaz clinches against the fence and looks for a takedown. Condit defends the single and lands a combination. Spinning back-fist from Condit glances off Diaz. Body kick from Condit lands. Left hand connects from Condit. Condit with a nice kicking combination ends with a blow to Diaz’s face. Side kick from Condit as he owns this round. Condit avoids the strikes of Diaz again. MMABay scores the round 10-9 Condit.

Round five: Diaz starts to throw a lot more kicks but misses. Condit spins off the fence and looks for that spinning back-fist. Low kick from Diaz lands. Front kick from Condit lands. Diaz backs Condit up with a combination. Diaz with a body shot. Condit with a hard leg kick which clearly hurts Diaz. Condit lands with a right hand followed by a head kick. Diaz clinches and looks for the takedown but Condit gets free. A couple of knees from Condit land in close. Condit with a nice combination. Condit continues to pepper the legs of Diaz. Diaz manages to drag Condit to the ground and immediately takes Condit’s back with just over a minute remaining. Diaz looks for the choke but Condit manages to slide his head out. Diaz switches to an armbar with seconds remaining but loses it and winds up with Condit on top of him. MMABay scores the round 10-9 Diaz.

Final result: Carlos Condit, unanimous decision (48-47, 49-46, 49-46).

Fabricio Werdum vs. Roy Nelson (265-pound division limit)

Round one: Werdum with a front-kick to begin. Nelson closes the distance and Werdum times a nice knee. Big kick from Werdum. Nelson slips and Werdum takes his back early, this isn’t good for the American. Nelson gets back to his feet but Werdum unloads up against the fence with punches and knees. Nelson gets free and pushes the Brazilian up against the fence. Werdum lands a bunch more knees to the chin as the two exchange positions in the clinch. Nelson is a mess and the referee brings the doctor in to check on him. The fight continues. Werdum lands the low kick and immediately clinches and throws the knee. Nelson catches the kick and lands a big right hand, dropping him to his back. Nelson looks to finish but falls into the triangle of the Brazilian. Nelson steps over the head and escapes. Werdum regains his feet and lands a number of punches and kicks. A wheel kick misses from Werdum to finish. MMABay scores the round 10-9 Werdum.

Round two: Leg kick from Werdum early followed by a knee which knocks Nelson off balance. Leg kick from Nelson lands. Another hard leg kick from Werdum lands. The two exchange shots in the clinch, Werdum landing knees and Nelson uppercuts. Leg kick from Werdum again lands. Werdum lands a head kick which surely rattled Nelson. Nelson is plodding forward looking to land that haymaker right hand. Nelson ducks under a big right from Werdum. Nelson lands the big right and seems to hurt the Brazilian but he can’t follow up quick enough as Werdum retreats. Big right from Nelson ends the round. MMABay scores the round 10-9 Werdum.

Round three: Werdum attempts to keep Nelson at bay with the low kicks but Nelson moves forward, lands the punch and locks up a tight standing guillotine. It’s tight but Werdum stays patient and escapes. Nelson pushes Werdum up against the fence but the Brazilian explodes out landing a bunch of strikes. Nice jab from Werdum lands. Werdum lands a hard front-kick to the face of the American. Werdum with a knee to the face from the clinch as Nelson begins to slow down considerably. Head kick from Werdum is blocked before following up with a nice combination. Werdum goes to the body. Both men exchange infrequently before the final bell. MMABay scores the round 10-9 Werdum.

Final result: Fabricio Werdum unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).

Josh Koscheck vs. Mike Pierce (170-pound division limit)

Round one: Pierce stalks before looking for the takedown up against the fence. Koscheck stuffs it initially but Pierce goes to work on the inside with the dirty boxing. Foot stomps by Pierce annoy Koscheck. Nice uppercut followed by a straight right from Pierce land. Pierce backs Koscheck up with the jab. Koscheck puts Pierce on the fence this time but releases quickly. The two men land right hands which hurt each other it seems, Koscheck more so than Pierce. Head kick from Koscheck is blocked by Pierce. Nice left hand from Koscheck seems to hurt Pierce. Pierce shoots in looking for the takedown but settles for position up against the fence. MMABay scores the round 10-9 Pierce.

Round two: Pierce lands the right hand to begin the second before pressing Koscheck up against the fence. Koscheck turns him around but Pierce walks his way off the cage and lands a nice combination. Stiff jab from Pierce lands. Koscheck is getting in the habit of head hunting with the right hand. Knee from the clinch from Koscheck just misses. Pierce pushes Koscheck up against the fence as he continues to bully the round. Koscheck throws the right before shooting in and scoring with an explosive takedown. Thirty seconds remain. Koscheck with a punch during the scramble back to the feet. MMABay scores the round 10-9 Koscheck.

Round three: The two come out swinging big punches. Pierce catches a leg and uses it to trip Koscheck to the ground. Koscheck gets back to his feet and presses Pierce up against the fence. Nice elbow on the break from Koscheck. Big right hand from Koscheck lands. Pierce ties up and lands a nice uppercut and knee from the clinch. Left hook from Pierce lands before stuffing the takedown from Koscheck. The referee separates them after a lull in action. Pierce gets poked in the eye, something the referee has warned him about throughout the fight. Nice jab from Pierce. Koscheck opens up with a combination with the hands. Koscheck shoots in and scores with a takedown in the last thirty seconds. Pierce stands but Koscheck has his back. Spinning elbow from Pierce is the last action of this very close fight. MMABay scores the round 10-9 Koscheck.

Final result: Josh Koscheck, unanimous decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28).

Renan Barao vs. Scott Jorgensen (135-pound division limit)

Round one: Barao with a hard body kick to begin. Barao goes to the legs before firing off a spinning back-kick. Barao with another leg kick but Jorgensen answers. Flying knee from Barao knocks Jorgensen off balance but he uses it to lock up and attempt a takedown. Barao stuffs it and moves away. Barao with a stiff jab. The two men continue to exchange before Jorgensen shoots in. Barao once again avoids going to the ground and moves away. Barao with a powerful leg kick, and another. Jorgensen lands a kick of his own before scoring with the right hand. Big leg kick from Barao. Spinning back-kick to the head from Barao is blocked. MMABay scores the round 10-9 Barao.

Round two: Jorgensen shoots in to begin the second but he can’t drag Barao to the ground. Barao with a nice combination before going to the body. Barao lands a series of hammer-like right hands. Jorgensen shoots and pulls guard. Barao in half-guard but Jorgensen soon recovers full guard. Jorgensen scrambles back to his feet and creates a little space. Body kick from Jorgensen lands. Nice spinning back-kick lands from Barao. The two men exchange with Barao getting the better of it. Front kick from Barao lands. MMABay scores the round 10-9 Barao.

Round three: Jorgensen comes out looking to push the pace. Barao with a nice flurry to the body. Jorgensen keeps walking forward but Barao catches him with a nice combination. Right hand lands from Jorgensen but he fails to follow up. Flying knee from Barao. Spinning back-kick to the face by Barao is blocked by Jorgensen. The two men are boxing more than anything in this third round but just as I say that Barao lands two hard leg kicks. The two exchange to end the fight. MMABay scores the round 10-9 Barao.

Final result: Renan Barao, unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).

Ed Herman vs. Clifford Starks (185-pound division limit)

Round one: Herman with an uppercut, answered by a right hand from Starks. Herman continues to swing the uppercut but doesn’t land. Starks pushes Herman up against the fence. Herman breaks free and fails to land. Starks lands a couple of nice right hands. Another big right hand from Starks over the top. The two men turn it into a brawl before Starks pushes Herman up against the fence again. Herman takes control, turning it around and landing a bunch of knees. The two men exchange before Starks clinches again against the fence. Herman with more knees from the clinch before they break and exchange again, Starks landing the right hand. Herman with a surprising takedown and lands in half-guard. Starks manages to sweep and postures up, landing big ground and pound. MMABay scores the round 10-9 Herman.

Round two: Starks is looking to land the right hand to begin the second. Herman slips on a kick but Starks allows him to regain his feet. Starks pushes Herman up against the fence but Herman sweeps him to the ground and instantly mounts. Herman switches to the back and locks up the choke. Starks taps.

Final result: Ed Herman, submission (rear-naked choke), 2nd round.

UFC 143 play-by-play live preliminary card commentary:

Dustin Poirier vs. Max Holloway (145-pound division limit)

Round one: Poirier tees off with a low then high kick. The two men look very technical on the feet and continue to exchange kicks mainly. Flying knee from Holloway. Poirier attempts a takedown but Holloway avoids it. Poirier stays on him and eventually slams Holloway to the ground. Poirier moves to the full mount and looks to stay patient. Big shots from Poirier begin to land. Poirier secures a horrible looking armbar but Holloway rolls out of it straight into a triangle. Poirier rolls him over into a mounted triangle and slaps on an armbar at the same time to force the tap.

Final result: Dustin Poirier, submission (triangle choke/armbar), 1st round.

Alex Caceres vs. Edwin Figueroa (135-pound division limit)

Round one: Caceres lands a left but Figueroa answers with a right hook. Caceres knocks Figueroa off his feet momentarily. Caceres catches Figueroa low and he ends up rolling in pain across the length of the octagon. That could be it folks. He’s up and the fight continues. Caceres is throwing a lot of spinning kicks while Figueroa attacks with the hands. Head kick from Caceres is blocked. Figueroa lands a big head kick of his own and looks to finish with ground and pound. Figueroa can’t finish him, even with a choke attempt, and Caceres gets back to his feet. Caceres presses the action up against the fence and secures a takedown. Caceres takes his back but Figueroa pops out the back door and we’re back on the feet. Caceres stays on him and takes his back again on the way down. Careres cranks the neck but he can’t get the submission. Caceres mounts but Figueroa scrambles back to his feet. Again Caceres takes the back and drags the fight to the ground, looking for the choke. MMABay scores the round 10-9 Caceres.

Round two: Caceres goes back to his kicking attack to begin the second before Figueroa chases him down looking for that head kick again. Head kick from Caceres is blocked but hurts Figueroa all the same. The two exchange once again with kicks and punches but Caceres catches Figueroa low again. Herb Dean takes two points, crazy decision. Caceres comes out swinging, looking to finish the fight. Flying knee from Caceres lands before dragging him to the ground and taking his back in the process. Caceres looks for the choke with plenty of time remaining in the round. Caceres looks to change it to an armbar but loses it and winds up slapping on a triangle choke. Figueroa scrambles out of it and stands. MMABay scores the round 9-8 Figueroa.

Round three: Figueroa looks to pour it on in the third round on the feet, charging forward looking for the head kick. Caceres avoids and looks to pick his tired opponent apart. Spinning back-kick from Caceres lands before landing with another kick to the body. Superman punch from Caceres lands. A slip from Figueroa allows Caceres to take his back standing and he slaps on a body lock. Caceres cranks on the neck but Figueroa tries to dump him on his head and escape. Caceres regains the position in a seated position up against the fence and he attempts the choke again. Caceres again changes to the armbar and loses it, giving Figueroa an opportunity to tee off from top position. Figueroa pops out of a triangle attempt. Figueroa drops back for a knee bar but Caceres defends and takes his back again. Figueroa rolls to avoid to end the fight. MMABay scores the round 10-9 Caceres.

Final result: Alex Caceres, unanimous decision (28-27, 27-28, 28-27).

Matt Brown vs. Chris Cope (170-pound division limit)

Round one: The two men exchange leg kicks to begin the fight. Nice overhand right from Brown who seems to be getting the better of things early on the feet. Brown looks for the takedown but Cope stuffs it, eating a knee for his troubles. The two men exchange positions up against the fence. Brown lands a knee on the break. Brown shoots in and secures the takedown. Cope pops back up but Brown has him pressed up against the fence. Cope turns him around and looks to land the elbow. Brown regains control and he looks for a takedown and gets it. Cope gets back up but Brown scores with a knee to the stomach. Cope pumps the jab but Brown is looking the crisper and lands a nice leg kick. Cope lands a leg kick of his own. Brown with a big right hand to end the first round. MMABay scores the round 10-9 Brown.

Round two: Brown with a body kick to begin the second. Nice jab from brown rocks the head back of his opponent. Brown catches a kick and makes Cope pay with a straight right. Brown is stalking Cope now as he thinks he may be hurt. Brown with a big left hook drops Cope to the ground. Brown follows up with big ground and pound and thats all she wrote folks.

Final result: Matt Brown, (T)KO, 2nd round.

Matt Riddle vs. Henry Martinez (170-pound division limit)

Round one: Martinez with a low kick early. Riddle lands a leg kick but eats a hard right hand. The two lock up and Riddle just misses with a knee. Martinez continues to land with the punches. Riddle scores with a body kick. The two continues to exchange. Riddle is cut under the eye as Martinez continues to get the better of things on the feet. This has turned into a boxing match with Riddle initiating and Martinez looking to counter. Front kick to the face almost lands from Riddle. Big knee from Riddle misses to end the round. MMABay scores the round 10-9 Martinez.

Round two: Low kicks exchanged to begin the second round. Riddle shoots in but it’s avoided. Riddle lands the body kick but he’s easily countered. Leg kick from Riddle lands. Martinez continues to wade in with three/four punches at a time. Big right hand lands from Martinez. Riddle goes to the body. Stiff jab lands from Riddle. Riddle stuffs the takedown and looks to land the knee. Riddle begins to mix in the kicks, landing three in quick succession. Riddle ends the round with a wild flurry of kicks and punches. MMABay scores the round 10-9 Riddle.

Round three: Riddle with the body kick and Martinez answers. More kicks from Riddle land before Martinez scores with one of his own. A kick from Riddle sees his knee glance off the jaw of Martinez. Low kicks land from Riddle as he starts to really take over in the stand-up battle. Riddle with a bunch of kicks before scoring with the takedown. Riddle takes the back of Martinez and looks to flatten him out. He gets a little high and the two men return to the feet. Head kick lands from Riddle. Martinez takes a deep breath. Riddle shoots in and gets the takedown again. Elbows from Riddle start to rain down. Big punches up against the fence bounce off the head of Martinez. Riddle stays very busy to end the fight. MMABay scores the round 10-9 Riddle.

Final result: Matt Riddle, split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28).

Rafael Natal vs. Michael Kuiper (185-pound division limit)

Round one: The two exchange leg kicks to begin before Natal secures a takedown. Natal moves straight to mount but Kuiper gets back to his feet quickly. Leg kick from Kuiper lands before he avoids the takedown. Natal shoots in again and scores the takedown up against the fence. Kuiper briefly gets back to his feet but Natal forces him back down. Kuiper back up again. Natal shoots in again and once again puts Kuiper on his back. Kuiper gets back to his feet once again but after a brief exchange on the feet Natal gets his fifth takedown of the round. Natal looks to pass but Kuiper eventually rolls him and takes top position. Natal secures an armbar but Kuiper escapes and lands a bunch of hammer-fists. The two men regain their feet to end the round. MMABay scores the round 10-9 Natal.

Round two: Kuiper backs Natal down to begin the second and lands a leg kick. Kuiper stuffs the takedown and unloads with a body kick. Natal is struggling to get the takedown in this round as he looks to be tiring. Big exchange from both men up against the fence before Kuiper begins to wear on the Brazilian. Natal with a big right hand but Kuiper takes it and keeps moving forward. Natal again struggles to get the takedown as Kuiper does well in the clinch position. Spinning back-fist from Natal is blocked but Kuiper keeps wading forward. Natal does continue to land throughout the round with big shots but Kuiper is clearly more technical on the feet. Natal again looks for the takedown and this time he gets it with just over twenty seconds left. Natal ends the round in half-guard. MMABay scores the round 10-9 Natal.

Round three: Inside leg kick lands from Natal but Kuiper catches him with a big right followed by a left to drop the Brazilian. Kuiper follows Natal to the ground and pours on the ground and pound from half-guard. Natal tries to cover up. Kuiper postures up ad lands a big right hand from a standing position. Natal recovers full guard and the pace slows. Natal gets back to his feet and looks for the takedown up against the feet. Natal secures the takedown with a slam before moving to side control. Natal attempts to secure the crucifix but he can’t get it and lands a number of elbows. Natal moves to the mount before locking up the head and arm triangle choke. Kuiper survives after fighting it off for forty seconds. MMABay scores the round 10-9 Natal.

Final result: Rafael Natal, unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28).

Dan Stittgen vs. Stephan Thompson (170-pound division limit)

Round one: Thompson with a low kick early. Thompson lands a side kick. Another low kick from Thompson lands, and another. Stittgen lands a low kick of his own as he tries to work out the karate style of his opponent. Stittgen rushes in but doesn’t get near Thompson. High kick from Thompson is blocked. Thompson goes to the body but Stittgen returns fire. Low kick from Thomson before going high. Stittgen misses but Thompson doesn’t. Stittgen lands the low kick. Spinning back kick from Thompson glances off Stittgen. Stittgen fakes low with the kick but lands high, knocking Stittgen out cold.

Final result: Stephan Thompson, KO, 1st round.

By Michael Pepper. (Follow me on Twitter)

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