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RUMOUR: UFC 140 – Alistair Overeem could make his octagon debut against Brock Lesnar on December 10th in Toronto

August 16, 2011 All MMA News, Exclusives, UFC  Comments 

After talking to a source close to the situation can reveal that Strikeforce heavyweight champion, Alistair Overeem is on the verge of putting pen to paper on an exclusive deal to fight inside the UFC’s octagon with his debut likely to come in December.

We spoke to a source close to “The Reem” earlier today and they explained that the wheels were in motion for the Dutchman to headline the UFC 140 card in Toronto, Ontario, Canada opposite former UFC heavyweight champion, Brock Lesnar.

We were told by the source that talks are still ongoing between Overeem’s management team and the UFC, with Golden Glory insisting that their man either competes immediately for the title or a big money fight against the promotions biggest Pay-Per-View draw in Lesnar.

We must stress that talks are ongoing at the minute between all parties and is in no way confirmed as happening. Stay tuned to MMABay in the coming weeks for more news on this as we get it.

By Michael Pepper. (Follow me on Twitter)

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