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UFC 118 – Kenny Florian planning to out-wrestle Gray Maynard after working with St. Pierre

August 28, 2010 All MMA News, UFC

UFC lightweight contender, Kenny Florian has revealed he plans to out-wrestle Gray Maynard tonight at UFC 118 in Boston, Massachusetts after working diligently alongside Georges St. Pierre over the past few months.

Speaking via, Florian said:

“Yeah, for sure. Chael is a phenomenal wrestler, as is Gray. Anderson certainly doesn’t have the experience in wrestling like Chael, as I don’t compared with Gray. But I think I have a lot of rest training partners that have helped me improve in that. I’ve been working on my wrestling and drilling very hard now for a couple years. I know I have the best sparring partner in the world to prepare for Gray, Georges St. Pierre. There’s no way Gray is gong to be stronger than GSP.”

“There’s no way he’s gonna be a better wrestler than Georges. He’s not gonna be faster. He’s not gonna be bigger. Those are all things I know I’m prepared for. Training with Georges has given me a lot of confidence going into this fight. Hopefully I can show my wrestling has improved tremendously. I’m honestly going out there with the expectation to out-wrestle Gray. I don’t know if that’s gonna happen, but my goal is to out-wrestle him.”

Florian could be attempting to become the “Georges St. Pierre of the lightweight division”, a student of the game with stellar stand-up skills and the ability to take the fight to the ground whenever he deems necessary. Stay tuned to MMABay all day for further build-up and reaction from Boston as we get it.

By Michael Pepper. (Follow me on Twitter)

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