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EXCLUSIVE: Alistair Overeem says it would be crazy if he didn’t fight Fedor next

June 18, 2010 All MMA News, Exclusives  Comments 

Strikeforce heavyweight champion, Alistair Overeem has explained in an EXCLUSIVE chat with MMABay earlier this week that it would be crazy if Strikeforce didn’t match him up with the number one ranked fighter in the world, Fedor Emelianenko next, especially with him being the promotions current belt holder.

Speaking this week to, Overeem said:

“My number one priority is to defend my belt at Strikeforce and keep fighting as much as I can. For me the fight with Fedor makes the most sense. If Strikeforce has the number one fighter in the world then it’s crazy that it’s belt holder (me) is not fighting him. I know the fans want it so therefore I want it. I would love to fight the man that’s considered by most people the best in the world. It would be a honor to fight him and see if I’m truly the Strikeforce champion.”

When asked who else interested him in the current crop of heavyweights currently on the promotions roster, Overeem said:

“There are several fighters that can make a good fight; obviously Werdum because he beat me once before and haven’t lost in Strikeforce since. Antonio Silva just beat Arlovski and those two fighters make good fights. Then you have Bobby Lashley and some new heavyweights Strikeforce have under contract. If you have fought all those guys there is still a thing called; rematch (LOL).”

Overeem just got finished demolishing heavy hitter, Brett Rogers inside a round to defend his title for the first time in over a year. The big Dutchman will have one eye on the upcoming fight between Fedor and former UFC heavyweight contender, Fabricio Werdum later in the month and hope to face the winner before the year’s out.

By Michael Pepper. (Follow me on Twitter)

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Photo by Esther Lin – STRIKEFORCE


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